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US-2014353505-A1: Defect inspecting apparatus and defect inspecting method patent, US-2014355069-A1: System and Method for Dynamic Generation of Embedded Security Features in a Document patent, US-2014364264-A1: Axle assembly with torque distribution drive mechanism patent, US-2014375959-A1: Lighting device and projection device patent, US-2015010996-A1: Cell culture device having culture medium replacement function patent, US-2015041965-A1: Power Semiconductor Device and Method patent, US-2010128147-A1: Image processing method and apparatus for reducing noise in an image patent, US-2010154738-A1: Apparatus to determine cylinder deactivation state patent, US-2010157767-A1: Method for identifying an abnormal disc patent, US-2010220411-A1: Information recording media, method of manufacturing the information recording media, read/write head, and method of manufacturing the read/write head patent, US-2010246920-A1: Recursive sparse reconstruction patent, US-2010293960-A1: Gas Turbine Engine Starting Method and Control Device patent, US-2010302106-A1: Impedance Tuning of Transmitting and Receiving Antennas patent, US-2011024133-A1: Method and apparatus for releasing a coiled tubing internal conduit from a bottom hole assembly patent, US-2011110410-A1: Ofdm communication with multi-dimensional rate adaptation patent, US-2011161114-A1: System and method for generating a medical history patent, US-2011197210-A1: Optical disc drive patent, US-2011205361-A1: Device and method for continuous monitoring of persons, vehicles, containers or packets patent, US-2011241581-A1: Vehicle having a power supply device for an electric motor and method for supplying power to the electric motor patent, US-2011249493-A1: Nand flash memory patent, US-2011280128-A1: Group conference system, conference server, session switching control method and session switching control program patent, US-2011289809-A1: Display Apparatus patent, US-2011305572-A1: Mechanical arrangement patent, US-2012018173-A1: Wellbore tool with exhangable blades patent, US-2012033521-A1: Semiconductor apparatus and its control method patent, US-2012058128-A1: Anti- integrin antibodies, compositions, methods and uses patent, US-2012058923-A1: Self-Lubricating Surface Coating Composition for Low Friction or Soft Substrate Applications patent, US-2012060436-A1: Ballistic awning patent, US-2012095592-A1: Installation/removal device, display change device, and dosing system patent, US-2012109644-A1: Information processing device and mobile terminal patent, US-2012126329-A1: Finfet process compatible native transistor patent, US-2012132838-A1: Manual to automatic valve conversion device patent, US-2012161374-A1: Hydrometallurgical plant of nickel laterite ore and operation method thereof patent, US-2012246878-A1: Rain protective sports towel patent, US-2012297145-A1: System and method to improve i/o performance of data analytic workloads patent, US-2013066401-A1: Systems and methods for automatically resolving interaction between programmable parameters patent, US-2013081607-A1: Portable cooking apparatus patent, US-2013117224-A1: System, method and computer program product for cloning a child object with a parent object patent, US-2013174781-A1: Gallium nitride-based led fabrication with pvd-formed aluminum nitride buffer layer patent, US-2013248965-A1: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device patent, US-2013269836-A1: Lumber edger and method of edge cutting lumber patent, US-2013336008-A1: Lighting Device patent, US-2014016476-A1: Method for operating a flow-based switching system and switching system patent, US-2014151067-A1: Casing Manipulation Assembly with Hydraulic Torque Locking Mechanism patent, US-2014174807-A1: High density organic bridge device and method patent, US-2014210534-A1: Pulse width modulation signal generation circuit and pulse width modulation signal generation method patent, US-2014228019-A1: System and method for terminating communication sessions with roaming mobile devices patent, US-2014277373-A1: Method of fabricating stents from blow molded tubing patent, US-2014306222-A1: Pixel structure patent, US-2014313468-A1: Liquid crystal display element patent, US-2014325786-A1: Wiper blade adapter unit patent, US-2014327620-A1: Computer input device patent, US-2014356932-A1: Waste disposal apparatus patent, US-2015005548-A1: Methods to increase gasoline yield patent, US-2015014207-A1: Waterborne underbody coating system patent, US-2015026059-A1: Money Lending Via A Mobile Device patent, US-2015026306-A1: Method and apparatus for providing virtual desktop service patent, US-2015034442-A1: Freewheel and freewheel arrangement patent, US-2010110210-A1: Method and means of recording format independent cropping information patent, US-2010241839-A1: Loading operating systems using memory segmentation and ACPI based context switch patent, US-2011014687-A1: Connection device and analyzer patent, US-2011050784-A1: Aqueous ink composition for inkjet recording and image forming method patent, US-2011063520-A1: Multimedia System and Remote Control Searching Method patent, US-2011102691-A1: Panel module, driving circuit and display device patent, US-2011132267-A1: System and method for shifting scattered material towards a barrier patent, US-2011135106-A1: Method and a system for processing signals patent, US-2011163411-A1: Multi-layer memory devices patent, US-2011191512-A1: Single Pin Read-Write Method And Interface patent, US-2011207413-A1: Mobile device and method for regulating antenna characteristic thereof patent, US-2011278017-A1: Sliding sleeve sub and method and apparatus for wellbore fluid treatment patent, US-2012026850-A1: Optical disc reproduction apparatus patent, US-2012034450-A1: Surface protection film patent, US-2012038087-A1: Fabricating a stent formed from polymer-bioceramic composite with radiopaque bioceramic particles patent, US-2012039694-A1: Facility and method for storing dangerous materials packaged into containers patent, US-2012080819-A1: Patterning mold and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2012120605-A1: In-line memory and circuit board cooling system patent, US-2012125630-A1: Retrievable swellable packer patent, US-2012130024-A1: Polyglycolic acid-based fibers and method for producing same patent, US-2012146962-A1: Active liquid crystal display panel patent, US-2012167898-A1: Patient Immobilization Device For Radiotherapy Treatment System And Methods patent, US-2012192008-A1: Operation management device and operation management method patent, US-2012199354-A1: System and Method For Producing Geothermal Energy patent, US-2012209182-A1: Patch-sized fluid delivery systems and methods patent, US-2012235530-A1: Electric machines including stator modules patent, US-2012287017-A1: Electronic device including electrically conductive mesh layer patch antenna and related methods patent, US-2012321762-A1: Cook top having at least one cooking zone and method for operating a cook top patent, US-2013059637-A1: Methods of administering wagering games and related systems and apparatuses patent, US-2013077407-A1: Nonvolatile memory device, program method thereof, and data processing system including the same patent, US-2013123768-A1: Laser-assisted guidewire having a variable stiffness shaft patent, US-2013193787-A1: Motor and brushless motor patent, US-2013220594-A1: Tube-in-tube device useful for subsurface fluid sampling and operating other wellbore devices patent, US-2013223608-A1: Context-based dynamic adjustment to pacing algorithm patent, US-2013246394-A1: Structured large object (lob) data patent, US-2014037350-A1: Sheet conveyer device and image forming apparatus patent, US-2014092935-A1: Mems-based calorimeter, fabrication, and use thereof patent, US-2014116308-A1: Device and non-transitory computer-readable medium patent, US-2014129517-A1: Linking of parent-child data records in a legacy software modernization system patent, US-2014133992-A1: Connection mechanism for mounting blades for a wind turbine patent, US-2014192507-A1: Lightning protection and enhanced emi shielding for faceted domes patent, US-2014203085-A1: Qr code display object, method of selling qr codes using same and method of providing information thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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