Combinatie van een bouillonpan en een zeef, alsmede zeef, ingericht en kennelijk bestemd als een component van een dergelijke combinatie.

  • Inventors: YUNG TO PAN
  • Assignees: Yung To Pan
  • Publication Date: August 10, 2009
  • Publication Number: NL-2001266-C1


The combination has a broth pan filled with water for boiling, and a sieve (14) filled with food, where the sieve is immersed into the pan. The sieve includes a rigid ring (31) bearing a hemispherical mesh (15) made of perforated steel, and a handle (19) connected to the ring. The handle includes a metal strip (16) with hooks (22, 23), where the height of the sleeve is equal to the height of the broth pan. The sieve is immersed into the pan at various heights using the hooks based on the water level in the pan.




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